2nd half: Dutch win with handicap (-3.5)

The Dutch started the qualifying tournament for the European Championship poorly, they lost too much on the way to the French. Even though France is stronger now, it’s simply impossible to lose to them 4-0, because the orange team is also in good shape, they have many new stars and in general this country has a good squad again that can challenge the top of Europe and world.

It makes no sense to consider Gibraltar, the team will enter the game with one goal – not to miss a lot. I think a loss of 3 goals will be considered a successful result.

Both personal meetings of rivals in the World Cup qualifiers are indicative: then the Netherlands won 6-0 at home and 7-0 away. I suspect more or less the same result awaits us this time. The team will be looking to get at least someone back after losing to France. I suspect that the second half will be particularly fruitful, in which even the reserve hosts will try to score a goal for the representative of the dwarven state.