Buffalo sabers

Buffalo really wants to play in the playoffs. He tries to support his ambitions with an effective attacking game. The Sabers scored 231 goals in 62 matches in the tournament. Only Boston, the leader of the Eastern Conference, has more. However, the team’s offensive enthusiasm does not share the defense and weakens them, conceding 221 goals. For this reason, Buffalo is only ninth in the East, and to jump into the coveted eight, you need to play three points to eighth Pittsburgh.

New York Islanders

Bumping into pilaf and “islanders”, they are in the seventh lane of the Eastern Conference. They are arriving in good condition now. They have won five of their last eight games. And in 4 of those 5 wins, more than two goals were scored. In terms of performance, the Islanders are significantly inferior to their upcoming rival. Despite this, they scored 188 goals in 65 rounds of the regular season.


To look for the winner in the battle of fighters for a playoff ticket and almost neighbors in the table, rivals are separated by only four points, it will be more expensive for you. But the goals in the match will certainly be seen by the fans. This opinion is dictated primarily by the way Buffalo is played. This way is as simple as five kopecks and consists in knocking down the opponent. Sometimes they are thrown, but at the same time, the “blades” themselves regularly and in no small number lose goals to their own net. In 11 of the last 13 battles, they have not left the field without conceding three goals. He hasn’t let them off the ice in 10 of their last 12 games without three goals and the Islanders. How the opponents will split the points here, I will not pass judgment. But to throw three goals at the goals of one of the most leaky defenses of the championship, “Dwellers of Ice” will definitely be able to once again.