Buffalo sabers

Buffalo, as they say, “ran out of gas.” Don Granato’s team was not seriously considered as a potential play-off participant, but it created a worthy rivalry on the verge of the top eight of the East. Now the Blades are taking a backseat and they spend the current month unsuccessfully, losing 6 out of 7 games, including devastating Toronto-level opponents like Boston (1-7) and Dallas (4-10).

Maple leaves from Toronto

The Blue Bombers are playing at a high level this season and only once have they lost more than two games in a row. After finishing their guest series with a win over New Jersey, Sheldon Keefe’s men returned to their home ice, where they had already refreshed themselves with a convincing 7-4 win over Edmonton, making up for a 1-3 loss in the second period. The Wildlings have faced Buffalo twice this season and each time they have come out victorious in regular time – 5-2 at home and 6-3 away.


The big difference in the reliability of play in their zone, team resources, and the home environment of the meeting is entirely on Toronto’s side. Keefe’s team is confident at home and is much better than the opposition in the current form of the game. The mood of the “hunters” is now clearly at a low level after a series of defeats, and just over two weeks ago they lost to the “wildcats” at home after a series of victories, which, given their current condition, is not even close.