Nottingham Forest with a handicap (+1.5)

Tottenham, after 26 rounds, takes 4th place in the table, breaking away from the nearest stalker – Liverpool by 3 points.

Antonio Conte instills the game in the transition phases in the club, as evidenced by the 6th place in terms of the number of direct attacks (44) and last among the top teams in the height of the backline (43.06 m).

This style allows you to create an average of 1.41 xg per match with 1.14 xg allowed. On the eve of this meeting, Tottenham face Milan in the Champions League round of 16 second leg, which will limit the time for rest and preparation.

Nottingham Forest prefers to play number two (40.6% possession), starting with the opponent’s mistakes. This is clearly evidenced by the 2nd place from the end in the distance of the defense line (41.15 meters) from the gate.

Due to the excessive passivity in the last third of the field, the team cannot boast of a brilliant attack. It ranks last in terms of expected created threat (xT = 0.99).

The Foresters are heading into the upcoming game with a 4-match winless streak. They lost on a dry score to West Ham (0-4) and Fulham (0-2), but Manchester City (1-1) and Everton (2-2) scored points.

With limited time and resources to prepare for a match, Tottenham are unlikely to be able to stage a points extravaganza against an opponent they find uncomfortable.