Halftime Performance: 1st Half Under 2

Freiburg is having a great season, which is indirectly confirmed by the extension of the contract of coach Christian Streich. After 24 rounds, the team shares the 3rd place in the table with Leipzig and Union Berlin, giving them additional indicators. In the last 5 rounds of the Bundesliga, the club scores points, and the draw with the top Bayer (1: 1) proves the excellent functional readiness.

The Breisgau Brazilians generate an average of 1.43xg per game, with 1.36xg allowed. The first meeting in Turin ended with a minimal defeat of 0:1, but this gives a chance to fight for promotion to the next stage.

Juventus are the clear favorites for the two-legged confrontation because for the “old lady” winning the Europa League is almost the only way to qualify for the Champions League next season.

In Serie A, the team is ranked 7th, 10 points behind the strongest quartet, and in terms of expected goals scored (xg = 1.48) and conceded (xga = 1.06) they are ranked 5th.

It is worth noting that Juventus are not as productive in away matches. Away, he only scored 25% of his goals.

I think in this game the teams will take a more wait-and-see approach and try to play easier and more confident in front of their own goals, especially in the first half.