Total below 2.5

“Augsburg” at the distance of 24 match days is 13th in the table with an advantage of 7 points from the relegation zone. Nevertheless, the Fuggers are among the worst in the Bundesliga in terms of play. According to projected created (xT = 1.22) and recognized (xTA = 1.73) threats, they rank second to last and last in the league, respectively.

However, when the season resumed, the club won 4 out of 4 home matches with a 5-1 aggregate score. It is worth noting that even in the clash with Bayer (1:0) and Borussia Mönchengladbach (1:0), the team managed to suppress the opponent’s offensive potential, allowing him to create 0.6 and 0.3 xg respectively.

Schalke are in good form and after such a match they have every chance of avoiding relegation to the second division. The team has not lost 7 matches in a row, gaining 11 points during this period. Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the loss from the saver’s 15th place to 1 point.

After victories over Stuttgart (2: 1) and Bochum (2: 0), Pitmen spoiled Borussia Dortmund’s derby title (2: 2).

Schalke creates an average of 1.09 xg per game, with 1.51 xg allowed.

At home, Augsburg prefers to play more defensively, I think this game will be no exception. I expect a tense confrontation with a minimum of sharp moments