Benfica to win with handicap (-1)

Benfica prepared for the match against Inter, even sacrificing the score against Porto in the last round. The defeat against the “dragons”, however, did not affect the quotations of Benfica, which is quickly rushing to the championship title. It is worth noting that the loss to Porto was their first home defeat in a series of over 2 dozen matches. Benfica comfortably overtook Club Brugge in the Champions League, defeating them in both matches with a combined score of 7-1. It’s safe to say that Benfica is having one of the best seasons in its new history.

Inter, on the other hand, have already had a taste of Portuguese football, knocking Porto out of the Champions League. In 2 meetings, the opponents scored only 1 goal – and it was Inter. Yes, with a big stretch, the Italian club moved on to the next round. But overall, Inter cannot win 6 games in a row in all competitions, and in those games they haven’t scored more than 1 goal. The crisis in the team is visible to the naked eye. It is not known what kind of luggage he will travel to Portugal with.

I bet on a more successful and promising Benfica, which can confidently beat such Inter in its stake.