Almeria’s victory

Almeria recently lost their form and fell to the penultimate place in the table. In the last 5 rounds, the team can only boast of a victory over the leaders Barcelona (1:0), but only thanks to the tense schedule of the blue navy blues. In the remaining 4 matches, the Biało-Czerwoni lost without a chance with a total score of 5:13. On average, for each game lost, the club allowed 2.7 xg, which was significantly higher than its average of 1.7 xg.

It is worth noting that Almeria is the home team, as evidenced by 88% of the points scored at home.

Cadiz, on the contrary, presents an excellent form of the game. In the last 5 games, he scored 8 points, which helped him to 16th place in the table and break out of the relegation zone by 1 point.

However, the “yellow submarine” paid dearly for the points earned. Disqualification of the main shlopotat goalkeeper – Ledesma and main defenders – Fala Jimenez and Isaac Carselen. In addition, main winger Ocampo and midfielder Alcaraz were injured.

It’s worth noting that game-wise, Cadiz is still one of the worst in this example. According to expected created (xT = 0.98) and allowed (xTA = 1.57) threats, it ranks last and penultimate, respectively.

I think the departure of key players will be a decisive factor in Almería’s good performance at home.