Espanyol is a team that plays on the counter. In terms of time per possession (7.1 seconds) and number of assists (2.66) during this time, he is 3rd from bottom. Due to their excessive passivity, their attack is not able to boast of productivity (1.19 xg per match). At the same time, it is also impossible to compensate for a “toothless” attack with a strong defense (xga = 1.3).

This style only works for less sophisticated clubs. After 25 rounds, the “parrots” took control of only the 15th line of the table, breaking away from the relegation zone by 1 point.

In the last 5 rounds, Espanyol only beat Mallorca (2:1) and Elche (1:0).

Celta have been on points in 4 straight games, and they are second only to Atlético Madrid (21) and Barcelona (27) in the last 10 matches (18). Thanks to a series of successful results, the Celts climbed to 11th place in the table, breaking away from the relegation zone by 5 points.

This effect was achieved thanks to the arrival of a new coach, Carlos Carvalhal, at the club. Under his leadership, the team presents perfectly balanced football. Creates an average of 1.66 xg per match, with 0.87 xg allowed.

In this match, I will give priority to a more organized and balanced team that is in the best shape at the moment.