They both shoot – yes

Team Turkey had a whole week to prepare for the return match against Sevilla. Whether it will be beneficial or not is still a question, but in any case it will be easier at home for Fenerbahce. The match in Spain did not go well. Honestly, if the game against the current Sevilla doesn’t work out, it’s a bad sign. However, I admit that at the meeting in Turkey everything could have turned out very differently.

Sevilla had a very poor rematch in the previous stage. What is surprising, however, is not that, but the fact that the team from Andalusia had a good first meeting, beating the opponent 3:0. This time Sevilla sent only 2 balls to Fenerbahce. In La Liga, the team finally managed to win, and it did so in the all-important match against Almería – albeit not without difficulties. Sevilla’s problems have not gone away. I think the Spanish club will still be able to use the advantage gained in the 1st match, but the Turkish team will have time to shake the guests’ nerves.