Donetsk Mining Pass

In the first match, Feyenoord was stronger, sharper and more dangerous than the club from Donetsk in most statistics. But the final score of the first leg is still 1-1 and such numbers give chances to both opponents, even though Feyenoord are playing in front of their stands, because Shakhtar are no longer used to playing on foreign grounds away from home. There is a nuance that applies to the hosts and that is that the team is on the front row of the Dutch championship, and the main rival for this position, Ajax, are only three points behind. At this point, it is worth emphasizing that the next match against Ajax at Feyenoord was scheduled exactly after the meeting with Shakhtar. And here you have to set priorities properly, because sitting on two chairs being Feyenoord and not PSG is quite difficult and almost impossible. In the second leg, the Pitmani will have a much stronger squad than in the first leg, namely the three suspended players of the first team will be able to play right away. And to be honest, Shakhtar has nothing to lose, because So far the team has no equal in the Ukrainian Championship and, most likely, Pitmani will take first place. Even if the visitors lose first, given Shakhtar’s well-established tactics, the team will go ahead and not miss their chance to score. Therefore, it bets on the advancement of Shakhtar Donetsk to the 1/4 finals of the Europa League.