Halftime Performance: 1st Half Under 2

Sivasspor is struggling to survive in the Turkish Super League. After 24 matches played in the national championship, the team is teetering on the edge of the relegation zone, surpassing Istanbulspor only by additional indicators. In this situation, a logical question arises about the purposefulness of spending funds on the match with Fiorentina, provided that in 3 days the “brave” will meet Ankaragucu, a direct rival for survival in the Super League.

After a short break in the championship, Sivasspor clearly lost the tone of the game. In the last two rounds, he was unmatched by Karagyumryuk (3:4) and Istanbulspor (0:3).

Fiorentina, in turn, has no problems in Serie A and can fully concentrate on European competitions. The team is in great form, as evidenced by a 3-win streak against Verona (3-0), Milan (2-1) and Cremonese (2-0).

The Violet play aggressively, offensively. According to the pitch index (67.04% – possession of the ball in the last period), which characterizes the degree of dominance, they are ranked 1st in the league. At the same time, in terms of the threat posed (xT=1.67), Lilia is second only to Inter and Napoli.

The first leg ended 1-0 in favor of Fiorentina, but in terms of expected goals (xg: 2.2:0.7) they deserved a bigger advantage. I think that in the upcoming meeting “Violet” will be able to score a few goals without any problems.