Total over 2.5

The real feat was done by Annecy, which in the previous phase of the tournament in Marseille (3: 2 P) passed sensationally after penalty kicks. The team plays in the French second division and does not stand out with any outstanding results, quite the opposite.

After 29 rounds in the championship, they are only two points from the relegation zone and their biggest problem is defense. In terms of the expected number of goals conceded (xga = 1.43), the club is second to last, but they are saved by a good attack (xg = 1.1).

Toulouse play attacking football with intense pressing (ppda = 9.6 – 4th), but cannot boast of great balance. Creates an average of 1.4 xg per match, with 1.53 xg allowed.

An imbalance in team play often leads to a large number of random outcomes. In the last 6 rounds, she was able to defeat only the outsider – Angers (2:0), losing in all the others. It is worth noting, however, that the Purples generated at least 1 xg in each of these matches, and in the matches against Marseille (2:3) and Lille (0:2) they generated 2 and 2.3 xg respectively.

“Toulouse” are able to beat one of the worst teams in defense in the second division, but frequent deliveries to their goals could have a disastrous effect on this meeting. For this reason, I find it more reliable to bet the total.