Total over 2.5

Ferencváros does not look like himself after resuming the season. The team managed to get only 4 wins in 9 matchdays with 4 draws and a defeat in the final match against Puskas Academy (1:2). Still, thanks to a frisky start to the season, Frodi leads the championship race with 11 points.

The first match at the Bay Arena was lost by the charges of Stanislav Czerczesow with a score of 0:2, although in terms of expected goals they came out well (xg) (0.6:0.7). The emphasis in this fixture was to put together a sticky, hard-to-pass defense, and if not for the above-average execution of the opponent’s chances, Ferencvaros could have taken home at least one point.

Bayer could not fight for entry into the Champions League zone this season due to a disastrous start. However, after the arrival of Xabi Alonso as head coach, the “pharmacists” significantly improved their performance. Only Leipzig, Bayern and Borussia Dortmund have scored more points in the last 10 Bundesliga matches.

The Spanish tactician has significantly improved his attacking game. On average, the Lions create 1.52 xg per game, making it 4th in the league with 1.3 xg allowed.

In the last match, Bayer warmed up with Werder Bremen (2: 3), and the most important attacking player Wirtz rested.

Ferencváros is bound to solve the non-trivial task of finding balance in the game if necessary to win back two goals. I think this game will be very different from the last one, I expect productive football.