Zenit’s victory

“Wings of the Soviets” lose the spring part of the championship. Igor Osinkin’s team has only one win out of 7 rounds and suffered 4 defeats. As a result, the loss to the play-off zone decreased to 3 points.

One of the main reasons for this deplorable state is the extravagance in the last period. With 33.35 expected goals (xg) scored, Wings only scored 24 goals, 9.65 less than they should have been. The situation was not improved even by the arrival of one of RPL’s top scorers, Vladimir Pisarski (14+2), in the winter transfer window.

With each round, Zenit is getting closer to the next championship. After the winter break, the team of Sergey Semak lost only to CSKA (0:1), but this is unlikely to significantly affect the intrigue in the championship. “Blue-white-blue” 6 rounds before the end of the season broke away from the second place by 9 points and look almost undefeated. Malcolm (18+9) and Mostovoy (7+5) spend their best seasons in terms of performances at the club.

In terms of the expected number of goals scored (xg = 2.04) and conceded (xga = 0.56), Zenit ranks 2nd and 1st in the RPL, respectively.

Zenit is deservedly the strong favorite in this meeting, as motivation, the favorite will aim to secure the championship as soon as possible. I don’t think Wings of the Soviets will be able to surprise you.