Handicapped Lecce (0)

Lecce is in terrible shape. Marco Baroni’s side have lost 7 out of their last 8 games and are now engaged in a fight for survival. After 31 rounds, it is on the 16th line, and the loss to the relegation zone has decreased to 3 points.

Despite this, the performance of the “paprikans” in the last three rounds raises hopes for overcoming the crisis. At home, Lecce did not lose in xg (1,1:1,1) with future Italian champions – Napoli (1:2). In the next match, they beat Sampdoria (1-1) in terms of play, and in the final round they lost only thanks to the extravagance of their own moments against Milan (0-2).

Udinese have already lost their tournament motivation and will play the rest of the season only for prestige. The main weapons of the team are effective and quick attacks during the opponent’s transition phases. Implementing this tactic allows you to create an average of 1.33 xg per game, but Andrea Sottila’s players find it very difficult to find a balance. In terms of the number of expected goals conceded (xga = 1.35), they are in the top five. The situation is complicated by personnel losses in the offensive line. In the upcoming match, “Udinese” will not help the key strikers – Delofeu (2+6) and Sukces (1+6).

I think that Lecce, which is getting in shape, will take advantage of the rival’s staffing problems.