In the first round, England met one of the main rivals in the first place in the group – Italy. The Brits won that match, but they could have missed them if the Italians played harder and more aggressively in the second half of the match. Although in the first half England looked very convincing. Now, in great moods and moods, the British will play a match against Ukraine, in which they should also get three points, but with more confidence. Of course, you can say that the British put a lot of energy into the Italians, but Gareth Southgate’s selection of players is such that there is a suitable replacement for everyone. In any case, England have a good chance to improve their position already in the home match against Ukraine.

The appointment of Ruslan Rotan as Ukraine’s acting head coach is unlikely to lead to big changes, nor should one count on small ones. Petrakov resigned as head coach, but the problems remained. If the midfielder has a good choice for the Ukrainian coaching staff, there may be problems in defense. The players in this role, who are at the disposal of the national team, are currently not impressive, with the exception of some performers. Therefore, it is not worth counting on even one point for guests. It is possible that the Ukrainians will push one goal under the goal of the British, but even then the hosts will fill up for their own pleasure.