Total over 2.5

Nottingham Forest found themselves in the relegation zone after 34 innings, trailing the 17th-row defender by only goal difference, leaving them with a spectral chance of redemption. At the same time, Steve Cooper’s team is unable to maintain a high level of competitiveness on a regular basis and is content with only rare successful matches. The most spectacular was the match against the mighty Brighton (3:1) in the 33rd round.

In terms of the expected number of goals scored (xg = 1.04) and goals conceded (xga = 1.7), Leśnicy ranks 4th from the bottom.

Southampton are a definite contender for relegation at the end of the season. For 34 rounds, the “Saints” were able to score only 24 points and deservedly fell to the bottom of the table. In their last 10 games, they have only won once. One of the main problems of Ruben Selles’ team is the low offensive potential. In terms of expected goals (xg = 0.94), it is the worst in the Premier League, and a solid defense does not make up for a lack of creativity. On average, Southampton allows opponents to create at least 1.51 xg per game.

With a 6-point difference between the teams, Southampton are forced to force things and play just to win, which is fraught with mistakes. I think Nottingham will use it skillfully and the game will be effective.