Indium. Portugal total over 2.5

Luxembourg unexpectedly took away points from Slovakia (0:0), the team was down to 5 defenders and was able to sit on the defensive, from time to time disturbing the opponent with quick attacks. It is worth noting that in recent years the level of football in the country has increased. Young stars like Leandro Barreiro and Yavandro Borges Sanchez stand out from the general background.

In the qualifiers for the last World Cup, the “bankers” defeated Ireland (1:0), and in the League of Nations they were twice as strong as Lithuania (1:0, 2:0) and brilliantly defeated Turkey (3:0:0:0:00:00) . 3). On the eve of Euro 2024 qualifying, they did not lose in friendly matches against Hungary (2:2) and Bulgaria (0:0).

Portugal expected an easy 4-0 win over Liechtenstein in the first round. The new coach Roberto Martinez appointed the eternal Cristiano Ronaldo to the national team, who repaid the trust twice. Yes, the opponent turned out to be very easy, but this fact will restore the Portuguese star’s former self-confidence after a series of scandals.

It is worth noting that the “European Brazilians” significantly surpass the opponent in terms of efficiency and 35 times the cost of transferring the squad.

The presence of champions such as Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes in Portugal will undermine Luxembourg’s desire to organize a ‘bus’. I expect at least 3 goals from the favourite.