Indium. Monaco over 2 in total

AS Monaco, under Philippe Clement, play expansive vertical football that allows them to generate a lot of tension. In terms of expected goals (xg = 1.67), the Monegasques are in the top five in Ligue 1. At the same time, they fail to get a certain match close (xga = 1.33). This style leads to scoring matches, but only 56.6% of them were in favor of the club.

After losing to Reims (0-1), Monaco beat outsiders Ajaccio (2-0) and Strasbourg (4-3) and in the last game shared the points with Nantes (2-2).

Lorient after 30 rounds shares the ninth line of the table with Nice, giving way to its additional indicators. Recently, Régis Le Bris lost their motivation and managed to win only 2 games out of 10.

The club’s main problem until recently has been defense. This is clearly evidenced by her last place in the championship in terms of the expected allowed threat (xT = 1.77). However, in the winter transfer window “hake” said goodbye to the two best attacking players and now has difficulties also in the last third of the pitch.

In its current state, Lorient cannot be competitive. I think even Monaco, which is not very stable, will be able to take advantage of this situation.