West Ham Handicap (0)

Fulham have obviously solved the problem of keeping their place in the elite division and can now finish the season in peace. In the last 4 rounds, the “Dachans” do not know the taste of victories, and they approach the upcoming meeting with a series of three defeats. They alternately lost to Brentford (2:3), Arsenal (0:3) and even Bournemouth (1:2).

On average, Fulham generate 1.23 xg per game, which is comparable to second-last Leicester. However, the team’s main concern is defense. In terms of expected goals conceded (xga = 1.7) they are 3rd from bottom in the Premier League.

West Ham have suffered periodic defeats this season, as they did in the last game against Newcastle (1-5) and a bit earlier against Brentford (0-4). On average, the Hammers create 1.28 xg per game, which isn’t much, but they make up for it with good defense. In terms of expected goals conceded (xga = 1.24) they are in the top five.

Thanks to this, David Moyes’ team manages to maintain a positive balance in the game. And the biggest difference in expected goals scored and conceded among relegation contenders keeps West Ham fans from losing hope of saving the team.

Fulham have no tournament motivation and are unlikely to count on points scored in this match. Moreover, top scorer Mitrovic (11+1) will not play. I expect West Ham players to react positively after losing to Newcastle and winning.