Anaheim Ducks

The fifth season in a row for the Californians was a failure. Dallas Eakins is a poor performer compared to most of its rivals, in the group of the West’s main losers and has only 56 points in 74 games. The “Mighty Ducks” come into the reportage duel on a 5-loss streak in regular time, and now they have lost to the strong Seattle in 2 out of 3 games this season – 4-5 at home and 2-5 away.

Kraken from Seattle

Seattle spends its second season in the NHL much stronger than its debut. Dave Huxtol’s team was in the top five teams in the West for a long time, but as the results dropped down to 7th place and are unlikely to move up again. One day, the Krakens ended an away streak during which they presented themselves ambiguously, but scored points in 3 out of 4 games. At home, the team is less successful than away, but in the reporting match they will have to face one of the weakest teams in the league.


The hosts have a small odds due to the weakness of the opponent, but it’s enough. Anaheim has had a very poor season and recently suffered one loss after another in regular time against opponents of various calibers. Seattle has a tough game ahead of Los Angeles, so points need to be picked up here and now. Two extreme duels with the Californians “Kraken” won in the regular time, which I expect in the reporting match.