Atletico Paranaense

Atlético Paranaense performed well in their state championship, which was won by a two-game total in the final against Cascavel (2-1, 0-0). However, in other tournaments there are questions about playing “hurricanes”. For example, they unexpectedly flew away from the Brazilian Cup in the round of 16 with Regatas (0:1), and in the match of the first round of the Libertadores Cup they did not beat Alliance Lima (0:0). In addition to losing points in this meeting, the main defender of “Red-Black” – Thiago Eleno got a red card and will not help in the next match.

In the first round of Serie A, Atlético Paranaense beat Goias (2-0), but only thanks to more sales.

Atlético Mineiro

“Atletico Mineiro” seems to be more preferred in this match. Eduardo Coudet’s team confidently won the state championship, defeating America MG (3-2, 2-0) on aggregate. In addition, “petushki”, unlike the rival, defeated the 1/16 finals of the Brazilian Cup, defeating “Brazil de Pelotas” (2:1).

In their debut match, Serie A lost to Vasco da Gama (1:2), but they did not look weaker in terms of xg and if they hadn’t slept through the beginning of the match, they could count on success.

In the first round of the Copa Libertadores, Atlético Mineiro unexpectedly lost to Libertad (0-1), but the game did not deserve it.


“Atletico Mineiro” after defeat in the 1st round of nosebleeds needs points. In their matches, the visitors have recently looked decent and are not inferior to their opponents from the point of view of the game. I suspect that it will be difficult for the unstable Atlético Paranaense in this game, even if there is a home factor.