Calgary flames

Calgary still has a chance to make the playoffs. The team is having a tough season. Lacks stability and reliability in defense. Ogonkow’s goalkeeping line looks faded. What the statistics of the two main goalkeepers eloquently say. The percentage of reflected shots from the “first number” of the team does not reach 90%. And the reliability factor is close to 3. Daniel Vladar has similar statistics.

Winnipeg jets

Winnipeg is currently ranked 4th in the Central Division and 8th in the Eastern Conference, qualifying for the playoffs. On average, a team scores a little more than three goals per game. Defensively, Winnipeg is a bit more reliable, averaging 2.79 goals per game.


Winnipeg and Calgary are neighbors in the Eastern Conference standings, ranking 8th and 9th respectively. Winnipeg has a match in hand and 2 points ahead of Calgary. As they say in such cases – a match for 4 points. The hosts have an advantage in freshness, as the last match took place on April 3. On April 5, the Lights “hopelessly” took Chicago in the current season and managed to lose with a score of 3:4. After conceding 4 goals from 23 shots by the opponent. Thus losing important points. In the upcoming match, the guests will most likely look for luck in the attack, where they will certainly have opportunities to show off. The hosts also have someone who will make the difference in attack, and the Calgary goalkeepers will also “help”. We expect a productive game from both teams.