Carolina Hurricanes

Karolina has had a strong season and has been ranked 2nd in the East for a long time with 94 points. After 4 victories in a row, the “hurricanes” lost to the leader West Vegas in all respects, and the opponent also designed a shutout away – 0: 4. Rod Brindamore’s team won’t move up, but they may lose their place as New Jersey has snuck up close and the upcoming meeting will become a matter of principle.

New Jersey Devils

New Jersey continued the trend of welcoming confrontations with a weakened Montreal and defeated the “tricolor” on home ice – 3-1. Thanks to this success, the “demons” sneaked up on Karolina at a distance of 2 points and will put pressure on the rival at home. Overall, Linda Ruff’s squad is in great shape, has been doing well without recession for a long time and will play for the win with the player, using the practice of January confrontations, when the Devils won 5-3 and lost on penalties 4-5.


A nice sign for the presence of an average league total. Karolina very rarely loses two games in a row and has more funds to cover the last “bad” Vegas. New Jersey is also strong this season, but they are performing worse at home than away. It’s hard to lean in either direction, and they both play back to back. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the total number of goals scored in regular time in 3 out of 4 previous matches (3:5, 4:4, 4:1, 6:3) and we can expect a repeat of a similar scenario, given the importance of the match.