Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago, although they don’t have many wins in the last segment, the team looks quite belligerent. This is the first. Secondly, Blackhawks are like a stick – they rarely shoot, but if they do, they instantly stun a bird of a very rare species. In this case, the last game turned into a victory over the conference leader against Boston by 3 goals. And besides, the “Indians” bit several strong opponents. Previously, Florida only won in overtime, and Florida is very uncomfortable on its own ice. Well, Tampa didn’t concede more than 2 goals. I will say more, the finalists snatched the victory only at the last moment, Chicago almost had enough points in a match against such a serious opponent.

Nashville Predators

Nashville, as spring began, ate something else that began to affect the game. Indeed, from game to game, difficult matches began to appear, although half of the rivals belonged to the underdog category. Anaheim loses only after overtime, Detroit loses 1 puck, Arizona concedes 4 goals. All of them are located closer to the underground of their conferences. Therefore, the hope of a 3-goal victory for Nashville in this match is quite dangerous.


It’s better to start with the weaker one. Even at home, Nashville doesn’t look like a killer. In the last 13 games, the team has only won once with a margin of over 2 goals. But Chicago and on the road can tear the opponent’s nerves. In the last 8 matches, 1 defeat in which the handicap was not passed. In addition, there was Florida, Tampa and Dallas – rivals are much more interesting against the backdrop of Nashville. Well, score 6 goals against anyone, but Boston alone is worth a lot. This is a good premise for the discovery of the “Indian” cannon. In this case, there is a good chance of scoring above, because Nashville is not impressive at the moment in attack. In their last 4 games, they only managed to recharge their magazine in 1 match. In the remaining three, more than two goals were not scored, even though they were both Detroit and Arizona. The last i did just the target flew. Well, the teams met not so long ago, in early March. Back then, Chicago never lost to Nashville by more than 2 goals. Most likely, the Blackhawks that smelled the blood will bite the Predators, who apparently lost their plate with the arrival of March.