Forward Eagles

Go Ahead Eagles prefer to play second (45.6% possession), relying on infrequent counter-attacks. René Jaquet’s team is 3rd from bottom in possession time (7.51 seconds), but leads the way the ball travels into the opponent’s goal. On average, he generates 1.15xg per match, with 1.47xg allowed. In the last 5 rounds, the club shows mixed results. He played a great match against Ajax (0-0) and beat Utrecht (2-1), but in the last two games he lost to direct rivals Excelsior (1-2) and Vites (0-2).


A similar tactic is used by “Waalwijk”, preferring a more selective organization of offensive actions. In terms of the speed of the ball moving around the pitch, the Lions are second only to the Go Ahead Eagles.

Implementing this strategy allows the Osteng Joseph team to produce an average of 1.46 xg with a permitted 1.71 xg. In the last 5 rounds, only outsiders like Groningen (2:1) and Vitesse (1:0) were able to beat Valvek.

It is worth noting that the club is less productive in away matches. Away, he was only able to score 31.8% of his goals.


Both teams can make the most of their offensive potential against opponents who provide a large number of free zones, which is unlikely in this match. In the match of the first round there were 4 goals, but with two rivals managed to create only 1.5 xg.