Both will shoot – no


Millwall gets what it wants with solid defense and perfectly organized set-pieces. In terms of the number of goals scored (22) in this component, the Lions occupy the top position in the league.

Such uncomplicated football helped the team climb to 5th place in the table, which gives them the right to advance to the play-offs.

Millwall has not been stable in terms of results lately. They have only beaten Reading (1-0) and Swansea City (2-1) in the last 5 rounds.

Luton town

“Luton” is one line above the opponent, breaking away from him by 6 points. The team realizes its offensive potential by playing in the opponent’s transition phases when they are as vulnerable and disorganized as possible. The hallmark of the “Hatters” is intense, high pressure (ppda = 10.9 – 3rd place), with which they take the match far from the goal. This style is conducive to the organization of a solid defense (xga = 0.95 – 3rd place), but does not always help in attack (xg = 1.2).

Luton are in good shape for the upcoming fixture, going on a 7-match unbeaten streak.


Both teams have excellent defense, but sometimes they behave too predictably in attack. I think the match will be anemic with few goals.