Sharks from San Jose

“Sharks” just drown in failure. The team has 45 wins after 64 championship rounds, 33 of which have been played in regulation time. They choke on goals conceded in the abyss of the regular season. There were already 242 goals in their net. Three rounds ago, Washington scored six goals for them. In the penultimate game, St. Louis sent all eight.

Avalanche in Colorado

Colorado have lost their last three games. In the last of them there was already progress, the “avalanche” subsided after extra time. Well, the rivals in them were from the top group, New Jersey, Dallas, Seattle. Today the penultimate sharks from San Jose will arrive in the Western Conference. This in itself gives some chances for the optimism of the Avalanche fans, which depends on the outcome of the match.


Colorado is very good in attack, he has scored 195 goals after 61 games in the tournament. Even in losing battles, he scores two or three goals in response to his offenders. Points and quite a few regular San Jose champions and keepers. So, on five of the last six dates, “avalanches” fell on the defensive “shark” formations, throwing them four or more goals. Most likely, Avalanche, who missed a win this time, will spend most of the match in the San Jose zone. They will arrange an exhibition shooting at the opponent’s goal, and at least four of his shots will certainly be effective again.