Blues St Louis

st. Louis doesn’t set big goals for himself at the end of the regular season and is just playing for himself not to fall below the current 11th place in the West. In the second half of this month, the “blue” are doing well, scoring points in 6 out of 7 matches played and winning 4 times in regular time. Washington (5-2), Winnipeg (3-0), Anaheim (6-3), Detroit (4-3) were defeated, and after a hard clash with Los Angeles (6-7) Craig Berubi’s men in the same ride match Vancouver finished 6-5 in overtime.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago is losing to everyone and everything and is on a 6-loss streak in the rules. Because of these results, the “Indians” continued to fall to last place in the Western Conference. At the end of the regular season and in the current situation, it is difficult to find the right mood, but the season must be completed. There were already big problems in the defense, which was revealed in previous matches against Dallas (1:4), Vancouver (2:4) and Washington (1:6).


st. Louis acts bravely and prefers open hockey, thanks to which his matches end with a high number of goals. While Chicago won’t be able to climb much higher, it can at least try to break its losing streak, and no one wants to finish last in the conference. Musicians in their current form can go all out alone, and the defense of present Chicago contributes to that. But I still count on the goals of both rivals and the execution of the necessary sum, which was in 2 out of 3 direct confrontations of the current season – 3:5, 3:1, 5:2.