1st half: over 1 in total
Prediction for the match Real Sociedad - Real Madrid on May 2

During this tour, Real Madrid will stay in San Sebastian.

Real Madrid faces a very difficult exit, even quotes from bookmakers who do not see the royal club as favorites in this meeting indicate this. They quote a factor of around three for his win, and that obviously looks a bit odd. Yes, Real Sociedad are a team at a very high level, but the lack of faith in Real is incomprehensible. Although everyone remembers the recent game against Girona, when Real Madrid gave something vague and flew them 2-4, so not everything is as obvious as they say.

I will wait for serious agility from the owners. I think they will try to impose their game on a great opponent, but Real Madrid is Real Madrid and he will of course take advantage of any mistake made by the hosts.

I think Sociedad will try to put pressure on Real Madrid in the first half, so I’ll take a chance and bet on goals before the break!