Indium. Celtic total over 2.5


Celtic gets their way, monopolizing possession and dominating the opposition in every area of ​​the pitch. In terms of the time of one possession (12.21 seconds) and the number of assists (4.62) during this time, the Celts are ranked 1st in the championship. This style allows them to generate an average of 2.24xg per game with 0.45xg missed.

The team is virtually unmatched in the Premier League and is heading towards its 11th title in the last 12 seasons. In 27 rounds, she drew only once and lost once.


“Hearts” copies the game model of its opponent, but is inferior to it in terms of execution. A team is not able to stay in dangerous zones so often while in possession of the ball and pose a significant threat to the opponent there without jeopardizing their own goal. On the expected goals scored (xg=1.29), Hearts are ranked 3rd in the league, but they suffer from an excessive number of errors in the implementation of their style. In terms of expected goals conceded (xga = 1.44), Hearts are in the top three in the league.

It is worth noting that “bordo” are the hosts, who scored only 31% of points away from home.


Celtic are powerful and almost invulnerable defensively. I think at least 3 goals will be in the visitors’ goals.