Columbus blue jackets

Columbus has a good squad that would drag the competition to the edge of the top eight, but since the beginning of the season the team has been decimated by a large number of injuries. A poor goalkeeping line also contributes to the incomprehensible results, and in the winter term Gavrikov, Voracek and Nykvist also left the team. The “Jackets” have long and firmly settled in last place in the East, they rarely score points and are waiting for the summer restructuring, ending the regular season.

Kings of Los Angeles

The Californians are having a good season chasing Vegas in the West. This month has been a fruitful one for Todd McLellan’s side, with the Kings scoring every game and winning every home game in regular time. Overall, Los Angeles performs very well on home ice and leads the conference table in that regard with 45 points in 33 games.


Columbus won the only personal win at home this season in overtime and now everything speaks of a complete success for the Californians. L.A. is in great shape and McLellan has enough resources at his disposal to extend his home win streak, where the Kings are the best in the conference and usually keep up with their opponents at the bottom of the table.