Red Wings of Detroit

The Michigans have lost several games since late February and lost any chance of making the playoffs. As the winter progressed, there were explosions in their performances when it seemed like Derek Lalonde’s team might be fighting for the top eight, but all of that was forgotten. Now Detroit sits 13th, 9 points behind Pittsburgh, and is approaching the final game of a 5-game series where the Red Wings failed to win in regular time.

Philadelphia flyers

Philadelphia is lower in the ranking with 5 points less. Recently, the “pilots” began to actively score and show a tolerable +/- game. The Tortorelli team has a successful home series, during which they defeated Buffalo (5: 2) and Florida (6: 3), defeated a strong Minnesota 5: 4 in overtime and only lost in overtime to the second team of the West Karolina (4: 5). The hosts are clearly in better form now, with Detroit beating both 3-1 and 2-1 regular-time games this season in both friendlies.


Philadelphia looks much better now. The team successfully maintains the home series, battles teams from the playoff zone and scores points. Detroit can’t boast of such feats and looks demotivated in its games until the end of the regular season.