Lightning in Tampa Bay

Tampa already has a plov ticket. In the table, according to the results of the regular season, it will remain in sixth place. And given this circumstance, he is already systematically preparing for play-off matches, playing at ease and very productively. The last two rounds of “lightning” did not shine, losing in them 3-6 and 1-6 to the Rangers and Islanders, respectively.

Senators from Ottawa

Ottawa has been reassuring its fans as they try to make the playoffs. However, the completion of the championship failed, the team lost the last four rounds, this hope was taken away from the fans. The Senators have three non-committal matches to play in the season that is ending. Just like the upcoming rival, the Canadian club is very effective in its skirmishes. In 6 of his last 8 battles, the standard total breaks through, sometimes with a solid advantage.


Who will win the upcoming duel from a tournament point of view is not important for either of them. And it is quite possible to expect a liberated open game from opponents. In which the audience in the stands will not be bored due to the large number of spectacular shots. In fact, this is already a friendly match with an official color scheme. Opponents have already pleased fans with goals. There were at least six goals for two in the 15 and 17 extreme meetings. Today, nothing stands in the way of once again organizing shooters in the stands.