It is impossible to get around the last match of Omsk. There, Avangard defeated the best team of the regular season! It all started after a very successful series of trips to Khabarovsk. There, the Hawks never won in regulation time and went home. Even in the match against CSKA, it was nice to see the team. Playing number two allowed us to recover and go into overtime. But already against SKA there was an exhibition match. We were five minutes from the end, but Tolchinsky painted both attacks very well. A lot of people don’t like that Avangard doesn’t create many opportunities, but there’s no escaping it. As long as there is a result, everything will be fine, especially since we met the main favorites of the championship.

Dynamo Minsk

Dinamo Minsk feels very bad in this away series. The Minsk players have to fight for points, catch up with Severstal, but the Zubrs fail in defense. In the match with Traktor Kolosov he failed. Keeper missed almost everything that passed under his gate. But then the Minskers had a disaster with uneven lineups. And the majority missed, and the minority. Constantly losing players. The match against Yekaterinburg representatives was no better. Dynamo missed twice in the minority! At the same time, Avtomobilist simply did not notice the opponent, the Belarusians were hitting under forty shots per game. It was almost impossible to block the opponent’s shots.


In September, a miracle happened in Minsk and the local favorites outplayed their rival with a big score. Despite this, the team scored three goals in their own net. In this series, the Minskers have not been successful at all, they constantly fail in defense, the team loses in uneven lineups almost every time. As for the goalkeepers, the matter is also particularly acute, now it is not clear who to let go at all for the third match. Avant-garde, even playing as the second number, was able to prove themselves against SKA in this way. Today the team will be attacking a lot, they will have a lot of possession of the puck. In destruction, Minsk also has a lot of problems, which was visible in the last meeting, so I bet on Avant-garde goals.