A dry victory for Benfica – yes

Considering the state of Brugge at present, it can be said that the intrigue in this two-legged confrontation died in the first meeting. The result of the first leg was 0-2 and now Benfica on their field must bring this epic action to its logical conclusion. It is worth noting that the Eagles feel great playing on several fronts, namely in the Portuguese championship, Benfica has nine matches without defeat, eight of which have been won.

Brugge saw a decline in the game with the naked eye. The last championship defeat to Ostend with a score of 3-0 does not fit into any framework for a team playing at this stage of the Champions League. In total, since the beginning of this year, Brugge played a dozen matches in various tournaments, but recorded only two wins in these matches. Therefore, taking into account the fact that the visitors have practically nothing to lose and there is no point in sitting on the defensive, we can assume an open game with Brugge. And Benfica are very strong and motivated at home. Tip for a dry victory of the hosts, who will leave no chance to the opponent.