Total below 2.5

Empoli could only take 14th place in the table over the distance of 25 match days, and in terms of play, it is one of the worst in Serie A. A team cannot compete both in front of its own goal and in front of outsiders. In terms of the level of expected created (xT = 1.19) and recognized (xTA = 1.64) threats, Blue ranks 3rd from bottom and last, respectively.

In the last 5 rounds, Paolo Zanetti’s team lost 3 matches and drew 2. It was only by chance that Empoli managed to take points from Fiorentina (1:1) and Spezia (2:2).

Udinese is strong, but not outstanding in the championship. The team is 10th in the table, and the rest of the season will only play for its prestige.

Andrea Sottil is building a team for the counter-attack, as evidenced by the 6th from bottom in the league in the number of passes for possession and 3rd in direct ball-to-goal speed.

It’s worth noting that when implementing their game model, Black & White excels in attack, second only to the top teams in expected threat posed (xT = 1.39), but suffers from an imbalance in defense (xTA = 1.43).

In the upcoming match, the most useful player in terms of contribution to offensive actions will be missing – Deulofeu (2+6).

The match of the first round between these teams ended 1:1, and Udinese could not use the advantage created for themselves. I expect a low score in this match as well, especially since Deulofeu is absent.