SKA had a perfect championship, winning the Continental Cup. Now he is confidently heading towards the main trophy of Russian hockey, the Gagarin Cup. In the first round, the St. Petersburgers a little upset their fans. But in the end, Dynamo Minsk was eliminated from the tournament with a score of 4-2. And in five battles of the series, at least five goals were scored. After the quarterfinals, the military team had no difficulties, leaving the Nizhny Novgorod Torpedo out of competition, not even allowing it to soak in the result in the series. Halfway through the battles, more than four goals were scored again. In total, SKA has already scored 40 goals in the playoffs.


CSKA didn’t shine during the tournament as much as their upcoming opponent. And although he took second place in the Western Conference, it is difficult to call his game spectacular. But just like in the playoffs. In the duel with Severstal, the Muscovites burned 1-3. But still managed to come back. In the quarter-final against Lokomotiv, the army was leading 3:1 in the series. but they lost focus and brought the matter to a seventh duel. Which is in line with their merit, they won convincingly 5-0. In total, CSKA played 9 out of 14 pilafs with a score over 4.5.


As can be understood from the eyeliner, the search for a winner will not start here. The rivals are more or less even in terms of form and it is difficult to predict in advance who will be stronger throughout the series, and in particular in the upcoming match. But there will probably be a lot of goals in the match. Certainly, each of the rivals will try to take the lead in movement. The first game allows, while the score is still nil, to play open hockey, which SKA St. Petersburg all season long. What he did in almost every playoff game. Yes, and CSKA played most of the pilaf on top. Both teams have top tier champions in attack. And these champions will probably be able to score at least five goals from two.