The Swedish national team is one of the favorites of the current world championships, although Tre Krunur’s start in the tournament turned out to be very difficult, the German national team opposing them once again proved that they are quite a strong and uncomfortable opponent, they managed to cause the Scandinavians a lot of problems, they managed to distinguished only in the third period, and already then, in many respects, the Germans themselves “helped” the Swedes, earning from deletion. On the other hand, they showed themselves quite decently in defense, allowing the opponent to take only 37 shots per game, of which 19 hit the team’s goalkeeper.


Team Austria, unlike its rival, is one of the outsiders of the World Cup and most likely the whole tournament will be fighting for the place. Like the Swedes, the Austrians have already managed to play one match in the tournament against a fairly strong French team, and it is worth noting that Austria played this match very well, in the third period the team had every chance to squeeze the opponent and win, but the implementation failed and in extra-time the French had already managed to use their numerical advantage and won the final victory. But it is worth noting that in such a match the Austrians managed to score one more point and show a very decent level of hockey.


Of course, in this match, the level of the rivals of the Austrian national team will be much higher, but judging by the way the teams played their first matches, the advantage of the Swedes does not look so strong. The Scandinavians managed to beat the German national team with considerable difficulty, and the match with another organized team can be similar. In addition, at the World Cup, Austria has not been losing ground for a long time, and the last personal meetings of these teams did not end with a difference of more than two goals.