Lightning in Tampa Bay

In one of the central matches of the next round of the current National Hockey League, the status teams will face the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins will break sticks. Where apparently visitors from Florida will have a very busy time. Which now certainly do not show an outstanding game. As seen clearly in previous choke and choke “lightning” bouts with: regular Ottawa Senators 2-7, outsiders Montreal Canadians 2-3, New Jersey Devils 2-5 and Winnipeg Jets 2-3!

Bruins from Boston

As for the Boston Bruins, it’s just been an exemplary season. Looking back on this day, a cut above and stronger than all the other participants in regular competitions in progress. Everyone is looking forward to spiteful critics, it would seem quite logical to withdraw from the “bears” game in anticipation of the imminent start of the Stanley Cup. After all, it seems Boston can’t hurt to conserve resources and top performers ahead of the playoffs now. But no, the Bruins continue to play game after game in the most stable and sure way possible, eagerly pouring tournament points into their already sizeable vault. Being now in an enviable and progressive aura consisting of as many as 5 clean wins in a row!


The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins have already overlapped in the current NHL’s bear den. And then the team from Boston was able to easily dodge “lightning” with a score of 3:1. It is also worth adding that the Bruins have long been troublesome opponents for Lightning. After all, Tampa Bay in the last 8 personal meetings with the “bears” managed to take control in regulation time only on one occasion. I think Lightning will have a hard time getting the maximum score here again!