Indium. Total Villarreal B over 1

Villareal B

Villarreal B tries to play proactively and take the initiative in their matches, averaging 54% possession. The team ranks in the top 5 in terms of expected goals, but makes an excessive number of errors near the goal (xga = 1.15).

Recently, the “yellow submarine” showed excellent results. From the last 5 matches, they lost only to the leader Eibar (0:2), while they managed to defeat the contender for promotion – Alaves (1:0) and beat Cartagena (5:2).


“Huesca” has scored 2 points less than its current opponent for 32 rounds and is on the 10th position in the table.

The team prefers to play as the second number (39.6% possession), opting for infrequent counter-attacks. Thanks to this style, Błękitni Granat managed to keep the goal intact in 44% of matches, but according to the expected goals meter, they should have conceded 6.2 goals more.

It is worth noting that Huesca is the home team. In away matches, she was only able to score 26% of her points.

The team is approaching the upcoming meeting with a series of three away draws. It is worth noting that even in relation to the outsider – “Ibiza” (2: 2), she allowed too much to get close to her gate.


Given the attacking style of Villarreal B, I assume that the hosts will be able to open the defense of the visiting “Huesca” at least once.