They both shoot – yes


Spring is coming and not only the RPL, but also the 1st League is back. “Rubin” in the first round of this year will go south to play in Krasnodar with the local team, which now occupies one of the places in the relegation zone. True, Kuban only needs a few victories to feel relatively safe now. At the very end of last year’s part of the championship, the Krasnodar team defeated Volga Ulyanovsk in a very important match. There is a good chance to score points in the first official match of the new year.


Rubin will be looking for a way out of the crisis in which the team has been living for a very long time. Globally, Kazan is approaching the second half of the season in a not too bad situation, losing just four points to the leader. However, in order to use it, you must not lose points. Of course, everything indicates that Rubin should be the undisputed favorite in this match. However, we know that this team is unpredictable.


Therefore, I will propose a bet that both teams will score. It’s simple: “Rubin” should do it anyway, and Kazan’s squad is stronger, but “Kuban” can also take advantage of the visitors’ unsure defensive play.