Rubin’s victory

Kuban is one of the main candidates for relegation from the first league. The new sponsor that the Krasnodar club hoped for never appeared. During the winter break, the management of the club changed several times, so no contracts were ever signed with the newcomers, who even managed to train a lot with the team. The class difference between the players of “Kuban” and “Rubin” is really significant.

Kazan has the loudest name in the FNL, many players have extensive experience playing in the RPL, and some even in national teams (Dyupin, Martynowicz, Dżagojew, Samosznikow, Łomowicki, Nabiullin, Lisakowicz). The chemistry between Slutsky and Rubin has long been destroyed, and they eventually divorced, like spouses who have not loved each other for a long time. After this parting, according to journalists, the new coach Utkulbaev added discipline and Rubin showed himself very well in winter friendly matches. In the last matches against RPL teams, Rubin drew with Achmat (1:1) and defeated CSKA (2:0). All things considered, bookmakers still offer interesting odds for the away win.