Handicap Wolverhampton Wolverhampton (0)

Nottingham Forest are in a protracted gaming crisis from which they are yet to recover. In the last 6 rounds, Leśnica suffered 4 defeats and 2 draws, which put them dangerously close to the relegation zone.

One of the reasons for the negative dynamics was the injury crisis. In the upcoming meeting, several important players are in doubt, including Aurier, McKenna, Avonyi, Kouyate, Henderson, Yates, Dennis, Johnson.

The team cannot demonstrate the necessary level of competitiveness both in front of its own goals and in front of outsiders. In terms of expected goals scored (xg = 1.04) and conceded (xga = 1.63), they are 4th from bottom in the Premier League.

Wolverhampton are in a similar situation and are only 1 point ahead of their current opponent in the table. Despite this, from time to time “wolves” demonstrate a decent game. In the 26th round they beat Tottenham (1:0), and in the 22nd they were stronger than Liverpool (3:0). Often the team is simply unlucky, for example in the last match against Leeds United (2:4) they beat the rival in xg (2.7:1.6), but they lacked composure in the last third of the pitch.

Wolverhampton create an average of 1.03xg per game with 1.45xg allowed.

I think that in the current situation Wolverhampton will not waste their chance and will not take advantage of the opponent’s staffing problems.