At the Australian Open, Andrey played well overall, reaching the quarter-finals, where, however, he lost without a chance to the future winner, and now the world’s first racket, Novak Djokovic. After Melbourne, Rublev failed in Rotterdam, losing to De Minaur in the first leg of the draw. To be honest, it’s not even clear why Andrei flew there, since he ended up in Doha, not Marseille. Recall that Marseille is currently in indur, and it was logical to appear in Provence after Rotterdam, but Rublev, like Medvedev, chose otherwise. Note the correspondence confrontation between Rublev and Medvedev over the status of the first Russian scandal. For now, nothing threatens Rublev and next week, regardless of how Andrei performs in Doha, he will maintain this status. However, in the event of a failure here and Medvedev’s success in Qatar, Daniil could overtake Andrei in the ranking just a week later. So with Rublev’s motivation for the current tournament, everything should be fine. Also note that in 2020, Rublev triumphed in Doha.

Unlike Rublev, Grikspur did well in Rotterdam, reaching the semi-finals where the Dutchman lost in straight sets to Yannick Sinner 5-7, 6-7. After his success on indura, it would be logical to see Tallon in Marseille, but he, like Rublev, went to Qatar, where he had already played one match with the world’s 64th rocket, Frenchman Kenten Ghali. The match against Gala turned out to be long and fierce, because it lasted two hours and 18 minutes, Grikspur won 7:6, 4:6, 7:6. Against Gali, the Dutchman had 13 aces with four double faults, scoring 85% on his first serve and 60% on his second. Return stats: 14%/40%, win/free stats 51/11. Honestly, Grispur has phenomenal numbers in terms of actively earned points and marriages. If the Dutch also win against Rublev, Andrei may have problems.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Andrei Rublev 5 8 4 4
Tallon Greekspur 40 14 12 2

Despite the difference in ratings, we think Andrey will face a tough fight. Grikspur played at a good level in Rotterdam, from which he left only at the semi-final stage, what’s more, he gave a duel with Sinner, who had previously won the tournament in Montpellier. In Doha, Tallon already has one win in a tight match, which once again confirmed the excellent form of Greekspur. At the same time, the hard Doha for Rublev is quite comfortable, we noticed that Andrei in 2020 triumphed here. We expect a long and tight match, from which Rublev will come out victorious.

The main pick is to win Greekspur with a handicap (3.5) for 2.00