The match against Matteo Berrettini in the quarter-finals of the tournament in Acapulco was not completed. With the score 6-0, 1-0 in favor of Holger, Italy withdrew from the game and the entire tournament. At the allotted time of this match, Rune has the following stats: 1/0 Aces/Double Faults, 91%/86% Points Made on Serves, 67%/80% Points Made on Tackles, 9/1 Winners/Executions. Before the match with Matteo Rune, he knocked out the American Shelton and the Portuguese Borges. If Rune had any problems against Shelton, the Scandinavian defeated the Portuguese very easily, as did Berretini in the first match.

Alex gets into our prophecy reviews not as often as Rune, so a little more about the Aussie. In Melbourne, Alex reached the fourth round where he lost without a chance to Djokovic. After AO-2023, De Minaur played three tournament matches in Rotterdam and two matches in Marseille. He did not gain much fame at the courts of Europe and flew to Mexico, where he had already held three meetings. All wins in Acapulco by 2-0, Alex knocked out local Pacheco Mendez player Giacomo Berrettini and Japan’s Daniel knocked out Ruud. The Japanese was defeated very easily, and the other opponents are not worth attention at all. The duel with Daniel lasted one hour and 38 minutes, 6:2, 6:2 in favor of Alex. De Minaura stats in this game: 1/3 Aces/Doubles, 95%/43% Service Points, 54%/53% Turn Points, 23/12 Winners/Executors.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
Holger Rune 10 15 eleven 4
Alex De Minaur 22 14 10 4

Rune and De Minaur have played the Tour de France twice, with both head-to-head meetings taking place in October 2022. Rune first defeated De Minaura at a court in Stockholm and four days later at a court in Basel.

Yes, De Minaura has three 2-0 victories in three matches in Mexico. However, the Australian had no really serious rivals in Acapulco. Rune, on the other hand, played the last two quality matches, Holger has already beaten De Minaur twice in the Tour de Minaur and is generally in good shape. Rune is already ahead of Auger-Aliassime and Nadal in the rankings, he may still be ahead of Medvedev and Rublev, but it depends on how Daniil and Andrey play their semi-finals in Dubai. In our opinion, there is a lot on the side of the Dane, we believe that Holger will win a certain victory over the Australian on the night from Friday to Saturday.

The main prediction is for Rune to win with a (-1.5) handicap of 1.71