Rune will officiate his fourth match at the Masters. The fact is that in the third round Berrettini withdrew from the tournament, earlier the Dane defeated Dominic Thiem, after which he turned out to be stronger than Daniil Medvedev and Yannick Sinner. The match against the Italian turned out to be difficult for Holger, Yannick easily won the first set with a score of 6:1, but this did not break Scandinavia, on the contrary, it made him angry. Rune won the next two matches with the same score of 7:5. During the match, Yannick bowled four times with five double faults, scoring 68% on his first serve and 53% on his second. Acceptance stats: 35%/43%, winner/enforcer stats 24/17. It is worth noting that in the event of victory in the final, Holger Rune will overtake Andrei Rublev on the ranking list and move up to sixth place.

It is important that Andrey wins the final, because in this way he will not only win the first tournament in 2023, but also keep the sixth position in the ranking, what is more, he will decently strengthen his position and even come close to Tsitsipas. Unlike Rune, Rublev played four full matches in Monaco, eliminating Munyar, Khachanov, Struff and Fritz from the draw. It was necessary to play three sets with the American, moreover, Andrei lost the first game with Taylor with a score of 5:7, but won the next two sets. During the match, Andrey made two straight shots with three double faults, scoring 65% on the first serve and 50% on the second. Acceptance stats: 36%/65%, winner/enforcer stats 26/16.

Tennis player Rating Total number of matches in 2023 wins failures
rune 9 24 17 7
Rublev 6 25 17 8