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In our opinion, it is very strange that despite the crisis in Pari NN and the spring transformation of the red-greens, bookmakers are still placing such high odds on Lokomotiv against teams from the bottom of the table.

Of course, Loko has some lineup issues; Tiknizyan and Smolnikov will miss this match due to disqualification, the participation of Dmitry Barinov in the match is also doubtful, but on the other hand, Loko added more in the 2nd part of the season not as a defensive game, but in the organization and execution of his own attacks.

So far, Gorlov has honestly failed at Paris NN, so it’s no surprise that journalists are already starting to write about his possible resignation in the event of defeat in subsequent matches. Even if we disregard the unpleasant story with Mikhailov’s disqualification and subsequent technical defeat in the match against Torpedo, Pari NN was unable to beat the worst team of the championship in terms of sport. Changing the scheme from 5-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 also did not help the team from Nizhny Novgorod. “Pari NN” in the spring lost in all matches for the championship and has already managed to fly away from the Cup of the country. Therefore, the zero handicap on red and green seems to us to be a real gift from the bookmaker.