Vancouver Canucks

Crazy Vancouver is ranked 12th in the West and ended a hugely successful home run one day. Starting with a minimal loss to Minnesota, Rick Tocquet’s team made a lot of noise and beat Toronto (4-1), Nashville (4-3 shootout), Anaheim (3-2 overtime), Ottawa (5-2) and Dallas (5-2) 2) in a row . Such a stable performance of an unpretentious team is impressive, considering that the Orks have not won more than 3 games in a row this season, and it will not be easy at Tempe.

Arizona Coyotes

Arizona is a clean home team, earning more points in their arena. Andre Turigny’s team is in optimal form and is scoring points in 6 games in a row. 5 of them “dogs of the desert” spent at home, where they met with the mighty New Jersey (4:5 OT), St. Louis (6-2), Nashville (4-1), strong Minnesota (5-4 OT) and Calgary (4-3 ST). As you can see from the final results, the hosts are not worse in regular time, and the required number of goals was scored in each match.


Arizona is the 7th team in the Western Conference in home game scoring, ahead of Edmonton, Calgary, and Seattle. Now the “dogs” have gained momentum and demonstrate confident play on their ice in scoring matches. Reckless Vancouver, who is sometimes unpredictable, also plays horse games, but has already exceeded the monthly streak plan and is unlikely to reach the raised bar in recent games, given his poor away performances (12th in the West) and the hosts’ competitive current form on the ice.